Markus Man overboard Rescue-line / Throw-line type RLC25


Available brochure:

Product no. 1 210 025 



25 metre long 8mm dia buyant UV stabilized braided line.
Packed in a yellow PVC / Nylon fabric throw-bag.
Equipped with throwing load packed in a soft foam.
Chest-loop / Safety-loop to secure in-water rescuer
Handgrip loop and a plastic snap hoop on the far end.
Weight: 900 gr


Why choose the Markus Rescue-line / Throw-line:

Ideal to have
- On the boat
- In the boat house
- In the car and on shoulder when rambling near water


Available accessories:

Prod no. 1 210 001 - Wall bracket made of stainless steel fastened with 2 screws
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