Markusnet version MS.05 to MS.30

 Designed for man overboard recovery on all types of ships, offshore installations and dams
with less than 5 m to 30 m height from water level upto rescue deck or platform.

Available brochures:

MS.05 - Product no. 1 150 500 

MS.10 - Product no. 1 151 000

MS.20 - Product no. 1 152 000

MS.30 - Product no. 1 153 000

Installation instruction



A. attachment line
B. Lifting lines on inner end
C. Lifting line on outer end
D. Rescue-line / Throw-line
E. In-water rescue-loop
Weight of net structure: 4 kg
Rigid container size in cm: L70 x H51 x W21
Total weight: MS.05 - 9 kg, MS.10 - 13 kg, MS.20 - 14 kg and MS.30 - 16 kg


Information package:

The Markusnet type MS.05 to MS.30 comes packed ready for use with
screw pack,
Instruction poster,
Man overboard safety training guide,
Brochure and description sheet,
Lloyd´s Register EMEA approval document
7 min CD training video


Lloyd´s register EMEA type approved as novelty equipment for man overboard recovery

on all type of deck boats, ships and offshore installations


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