Markusnet version MS.02 Boating

Available brochure:

Product no. 1 150 010B

Designed for small deck boats with less than 2 m lifting height from water to top of a strong 90 cm height railing or gunwale. It is important to have a strong railing and gunwale to lean onto when lifting a MOB manually.
With 14 m attachment line "A" and 2 m lifting line "B"
Comes packed standard in a white pvc/polyester fabric bag with two fastening straps and buckles at the back.


Size in cm: L65xH40xW12.

Total weight: 6 kg


Why choose Markusnet type MS.02

Markusnet MS.02 is with the same net structure and throw-bag unit as the Lloyd´s Register EMEA type approval MS.05 to MS.30, but delivered standard in a white PVC bag.
The approval of it is therefore subject for approval and acceptance by the local maritime authorities for use on commercial boats.
MS.02 is designed for small deck boats where the Markusnet solution is appreciated.
The Markusnet provides many possibilities of realistic man overboard rescue



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