Markus MOB Emergency-ladders version SCN2 and MEL2


Standard versions and Available brochures:

MEL2-170W (SCN2-150W) - Product no. 1310170W

MEL2-220W (SCN2-200W) - Product no. 1310220W

MEL2-270W (SCN2-250W) - Product no. 1310270W



Designed for both commercial boats and leisure boats
Made of Polyester webbing and packed in white PVC / Polyester storage bag.


Size in cm (Packed): L48 x H20 x W5
Weight: 0,9 to 1,1 kg


Directions of use:

Locate on both sides of a boat near midships, free of propeller in down position.
Easy fastening with 3 SS buckles to toe rail, lower extension wire or to a hand rail.


Why choose Markus Emergency ladder type SCN2 and MEL2:

- Same quality and product standard as the Lloyd´s Register approved Markusnet type MS.
- Important on every boat with 1 to 3 man crew.
- Provides safe passage back on board at the side of the boat.
- Can be pulled down from the water.
- It is made to go 1 metre into the water in lowered position, to enable exhausted man overboard to make use of it in extreme situation at sea.
- For commercial use, the location is subject for acceptance by the local maritime authority as man overboard recovery system.


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