The Use, Location and Service of MS Markusnet  

1) The MS Markusnet is designed to hunt and activate the mind of a man overboard “MOB” in extreme situations at sea and by that reduce the need for in-water rescue.
2) With the MS Markusnet comes a valuable MOB know-how and an instruction how to build up MOB safety and MOB rescue minded team on board the vessel, to prevent MOB incidents becoming a serious and expensive matter for all involved.
3) The MS Markusnet is an ideal MOB teaching and rescue training tool.
4) The MS Markusnet is important near all gangways and boat stations as a backup tool in case of MOB incidents. It is also carried in water safety and rescue vehicles.
5) The MS Markusnet is designed to be used by single MOB rescuer to activate a MOB upto 25 metre distance from the rescue platform and secure the MOB at the side of a vessel, an offshore installation, a quay, a riverwall, a canal lock or a dam.
6) The lifting lines “B”, see technical sheet on the brochure, are the only variable parts of the commercial Markusnet model MS and they are intended for manual lifting and to cover the height from water to a rescue platform, ( vessel deck or alike). The attached lines have also the purpose to reduce the swing of the net structure when used by mechanical hoisting system.
7) The MS Markusnet is designed to enable two MOB rescuers to lift the MOB simultanously onto the rescue platform upto 40 metre (133 feet) height from water, liferaft or small floating object, in a secure sitting or standing position, and in horizontal position manually upto 5 metre.. The manual lifting height depends on the length of the lifting lines “B”, see the technical description on the brochure.
8) The MS Markusnet is also designed to be used by crane to hoist the MOB in a standing, a sitting or a horizontal position.
9) The MS Markusnet is designed to enable safe and effective in-water MOB rescue operation while the ship can be manauvered and the rescuer can stay on the deck. Have at least two MS Markusnets on board, one to secure the in-water MOB rescuer and one to lift / hoist the MOB or to split MOB casualty group in the water or to make use of your crew in manual use of the Markusnet.
10) The MS Markusnet comes packed ready for an instant use and is reusable immediately after use without repacking it.
11) The MS Markusnet is the missing link in MOB safety. In case of MOB situations it adds value to the use of the life-jacket, the life-buoy, the immersion suits, the liferaft, the lifeboat, the FR boat, the tender boat, the vessel and the crew.
12) The operator of a vessel shall take the Markusnet to a service for inspection at service station that is approved by the manufacturer within 5 years from manufacture and every fifth year there after and always after use in rescue operation. MS Markusnet used in training should be marked as such and packed by deticated safety officer on board. This document shall be kept on board with the technical description (brochure), the Markus Lifenet MOB Safety and Rescue Guide, the copy of the original purchase invoice and the approval documents. Always when the Markusnet is used in actual MOB rescue and MOB rescue training and when it is brought to inspection, it shall be registered in the ships diary.
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